Dr. Marvin  Lagstein

Dr. Marvin Lagstein

Dr. Marvin Lagstein grew up in Brooklyn and attended Brooklyn College (1960-1964) and the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine (1964-1968). Early on he realized that when he gave a young boy or girl a great smile through orthodontics, almost every child had wonderful changes in their self-esteem and self-image. They did better in school, enhanced their relationships, increased their popularity and even improved family behavior. Over the years, many of the parents of his orthodontic patients were so thrilled with the results Dr. Lagstein was creating for their children they asked him to help them as well. Before long, Dr. Lagstein began performing orthodontics on adults. However, Dr. Lagstein found adult orthodontics to be frustrating and unfulfilling. Adults took longer than children to complete and often got burnt out and regretted their decision to straighten their teeth. He found it so unsatisfying that he finally stopped doing adults completely…until he discovered a new technology. As he completed more and more adult cases, Lagstein was surprised to discover that adults had even more remarkable life transformations than children or teenagers once they were proud of their smile. He found patient after patient experiencing profound life changes in their jobs, relationships & marriages. Once he realized that he was doing significantly more than straightening adults' teeth, he decided to author a book entitled Brace Yourself For Success. It tells countless stories of life transformations from adults who were once embarrassed by their smile then went through the six month technology and experienced a dramatic reversal! Dr. Lagstein made it his mission to help as many people as he can realize their dreams by giving them the smile they always wanted in a short time without pain, embarrassment or sacrifice. You can read more about him at http://www.successfulsmile.com/about.php. My thought on the interview hear is that we can discuss how self esteem, job security, happy marriages, and successful parenting can all be linked to the self confidence that comes when you are happy with your outward appearance. Dr. Langstien can talk about the adult braces and how they also provide a “non-surgical” face lift while Dr. Rey can update people on new non-surgical procedures people can do to enhance their outward appearance. http://www.successfulsmile.com