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Wendy Ansel

Wendy Ansel, creator and founder of Rocks and Runes, has over twenty years experience in the trade. Born in Boston, she left her family at the age of 18 and toured Europe. She then moved to Australia, acquired dual citizenship, and traveled the Outback for over twelve years. There, she developed her relationship with nature and learned the art of listening to the earth. She also traveled extensively through Southeast Asia. Her travels include Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea, Nepal, and an 8-month stay in Japan. Her company,Rocks and Runes specializes in the metaphysical properties of semi-precious gems and minerals. She believes that physical upsets, imbalances, and diseases are created from emotional stress or trauma. To counteract that stress, we seek natural remedies, in the form of gemstones and crystals. Her philosophy is, “If your car is broken, consult the manufacturer; if your body is broken, consult the earth.”