Ellen  Haas

Ellen Haas

Ellen Haas is an author, educator, and community organizer with a passion for reconnecting humans with the rest of nature. Co-author of Coyote's Guide to Connecting to Nature, with Wilderness Awareness School's Jon Young and Evan McGown, she advocates for turning our brain's gaze back toward acute sensory awareness through exploring nature playfully and inquisitively. Through every means possible -- "Coyote Mentoring" outdoor education, family nature clubs, neighorhood restoration of nearby open spaces, urban farming, and more -- we can leave it better than we found it, and raise children who are active, agile, wondrous, inquisitive, and caring about their natural home. Ellen has been a director of Wilderness Awareness School, founder of the Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance, innovative high school teacher, and is a mother and avid off-leash dog walker in her local parks.