Nick  Dimengo

Nick Dimengo

Nick Dimengo, a former editor at, is currently the Digital Specialist at The site helps professional athletes organize and claim injuries, while also marketing them to benefit from discounted business products and autograph appearances, among other things. As a partner with the NFLPA, the site currently boasts close to 2,400 verified professional athletes, and looks to relaunch a Facebook-like fan site in the coming months. Although not a Kenyan, Nick's love for running has taken him to places around the country, and has opened outlets to plan a monthlong run, ending with a 5k to benefit Pediatric Cancer Research in the near future. He also hosts his own radio show, contributes to multiple websites like and, and has dreams of potentially becoming the next Sal Masekela by "doing everything I love, while inspiring others." He lives by the motto, "Life is Beautiful," and that no matter what a day may throw at you, the good times always outweigh the bad.