Denny  Daikeler

Denny Daikeler

Denny Daikeler, Interior Designer, Author, Speaker, has had a long and diverse career focusing on the effect of art and design on the lives of us all. Her work as a consultant has been based on a process she developed to assist in personalizing all parts of the design of the home environment to grow, nourish and enhance life, health, and behavior. She has taught, written, and presented her thesis in a book, What Color Is Your Slipcover? published by Rodale. She was on television for five years, has spoken internationally to schools, organizations, churches, and holistic centers, and been featured nationally in many periodicals. Her approach is practical and spiritual with an emphasis on coming from the heart on all levels. Denny has a design degree from Drexel University, and has studied psychology, spirituality and human behavior. She is an ordained interfaith minister, and has a second book coming out in September, 2011.