Louis-Philippe  Ladouceur

Louis-Philippe Ladouceur

L.P. Ladouceur is not the stereotypical football player. Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, his first language is French - where his family still resides. Since he came onto the Dallas Cowboys in 2005 he has had nearly a perfect record as a Long Snapper, yet he is the least mentioned player on the team. Ladouceur is the type of player that arrives to practice early and is the last one to leave, always willing to do more than expected. Since he is the type of individual who prefers to keep a low profile rather than a flashy fast-lane life; he is revered amongst his teammates and loved ones as the "guy next door". These are the personality attributes that make him a perfect candidate to spread the word about financial responsibility amongst his peers; his Cowboy teammates and other professional athletes. Ladouceur decided take the route of a lower salary and longevity in the NFL. With the lockout, he is educating himself on how to manage his own money while generating supplemental income; perhaps to even prepare for retirement. L.P. Ladouceur definitely isn't the typical flashy athlete; he's in the game for the long run for football and financial health.