Corey  Jackson

Corey Jackson

Corey attended the University of Nevada where he focused his studies on speech communications and he became a wonderful speaker and presenter. Corey gained the ability to give a flawless presentation with the showmanship to capture and retain the attention of an audience. With Corey’s background in speech communications he possesses the ability to speak and persuade individuals as well as large or small groups. Corey participated as the captain of the basketball team at the University of Nevada. While excelling as a basketball player at only six feet six inches, Corey’s tenacity and determination enabled him to lead the Western Athletic Conference in rebounding which also led to him ranking fifth in the nation. Corey has always been one for challenges and this became evident once Corey made a transition from a life long basketball player to a football player. He used his fifth year at the University of Nevada to not only complete his academics but he decided to try his hand in a completely different sport all together. Because of his rare ability to make the transition from basketball to football he was labeled a "Jack of All Trades". His willingness to learn and unprecedented work ethic is the reason after only one semester dozens of NFL teams wanted to know who Corey Jackson was. In 2003 Corey signed with the Cleveland Browns making him one of the few players in history to switch from a basketball player to becoming a professional football player. Corey’s relentlessness and drive are reasons he was able to accomplish what everyone else said was impossible. In 2004 the Cleveland Browns sent Corey to NFL Europe to gain valuable experience and to prove that he belonged in the NFL. At this point he knew that it was sink or swim. With his career on the line Corey was feeling tremendous pressure so he did what came natural which was embrace the pressure of the moment. Not only was Corey able to handle the pressure, he also excelled beyond even his own lofty expectations. Corey was awarded most valuable defensive player in Europe as well as MVP of his team. He was able to do this through his drive, poise, and determination. After proving that he was worthy to play in the NFL, Corey spent the next four years playing for the Cleveland Browns and the Denver Broncos. Since that time he has taken on numerous speaking engagements. Corey uses the same skills and tools that made him a very successful athlete in his career outside of sports. Corey has proven he has the ability to adapt and transition in the most difficult of environments. Through his experiences in sports Corey has gain the ability to not only perform but thrive in high pressure situations.