Priest  Adler

Priest Adler

Born in Erie PA 9/2/70 Married to my beautiful wife Tina with 4 beautiful daughters, 1 grand daughter and 1 grand son born the same day 3 years apart! I grew up in a low income household with my mother. My father skipped out when I was 6, just recently was reconnected with him and my half sister and half brother. I have been the black sheep of the family since the day I was born. In my childhood is when I found music which altered me away from sports, I have played football, baseball and basketball till I got my first guitar. The heavy metal band Judas Priest has always been my cup of tea, so to speak. This is where my name comes into play. When I was 13 I sewed a Judas Priest hand painted album cover on my leather vest and from that momement on everyone started calling me "Priest". So much so that hardly anyone but my family knew my real name. I tried finding my way threw music, came so close that I had a contract offered to my band but my singer had left the band and we could not find a replacement. But we did record a demo. The bands name was "The Final Generation".