Rhonda  Short

Rhonda Short

A single mother of a teenage daughter in Red Key, Indiana, a substitute teacher by day and a ghost hunter by night. President and Co-Founder of Shadow Patrol Paranormal Investigations. Began ghost hunting because I married and moved into a haunted house. Sylvia Brown was the one who taught me how to "control" the ghosts in my house. I was watching her on Montel and she said to just TELL them to stop it and be firm. It worked. I currently run the Haunted Gray Hotel Ghost hunt and tour here in Red Key, Indiana. Early Years I was a former disc jockey for WZZY Radio in Winchester, Indiana. Eighties music is my favorite but I enjoy 70's and oldies. My sport experience: I was thrown out of the Colt's training camp the first year they were in Anderson. . What makes me, ME I am a horse person and volunteer with 4H horse and pony every year. I photograph horse shows. I have a draft horse named Trouble, my favorite color is fusia and my favorite flower is fusia but I love carnations that have strong scent I was a florist, drywall mudder, a police dispatcher, cabinet maker, turkey breast cutter upper, secretary, DJ, Video jockey for Coca Cola, voice overs for ads and I can be bribed with chocolate. An extraordinary life for an extraordinary person.