Brenda  Mott

Brenda Mott

Brenda Mott was completely unprepared for motherhood when her first child was born 15 years ago. She had no experience with infants, moved to a new city 8 months pregnant, with no support system, and was back at work 5 weeks after having her baby! After years of research, reading, learning from other moms and lots of trial and error, she became the go-to-mom. This was the start of Smart Mom University. Like every mom, Brenda loves to tell how amazing her three kids are, but it didn't come without a lot of effort. Raising the kids has been easier with her husband. Together they make a great team. Prior to founding Smart Mom University, Brenda taught elementary school around the country, worked as a corporate trainer and technical writer, children's museum program director, mom consultant, and as a consummate volunteer in the community and her children's schools. Each chapter of her life and the wonderful women and moms she has met along the way are the foundation of Smart Mom University.