Edward Lopatin

Edward Lopatin is interested in helping patients with chronic illnesses, particularly Interstitial Cystitis, a debilitating chronic inflammation of the bladder wall. Edward has been inflicted with this disease since 2002, but was not diagnosed until 2006. He has written a book about it: “Manage your Chronic Illness. Your life depends on it: One Hundred Recommendations to help Prevent Illness, and to Manage your Physicians, Hospital Stays, Insurance Providers, and Well Meaning Caregivers.” The book describes Edward’s four-year journey to get a proper diagnosis and to find treatment protocols that would work for him. He has a graduate degree in public administration from University at Albany, in New York. He worked for many years in the city government of San Francisco. He retired as its Juvenile Probation Director of Finance and Administration. Edward lives in Palm Springs, California.