David Schneider

Having lived his first quarter-century in Southern California , David Schneider, M.D. finally escaped after medical school and has moved progressively northward up the state. He practiced Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine in Central California before joining the faculty of the Mercy/Methodist Family Practice Residency in Sacramento , where he returned to his beloved medical education, teaching Family Medicine residents (physicians in training). “Dr. Dave” has periodically been a “student” of the philosophical aspects of Zen and the Tao (Buddhists and Taoists would cringe at the idea of a “periodic student”), as well as a practitioner and teacher of mindfulness meditation. The four winds have blown him safely to his new home in Sonoma County , where he practices medicine and teaches budding young doctors to be family physicians at the Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency, one of the nation’s top training programs in the specialty. He also produces Dr. Dave’s “To Your Health” segments for Wine Country Radio and online at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/DrDaveS. In addition to his long experience in training medical professionals, Dr. Dave enjoys music both as a listener and a very non-professional musician. Dave’s musical tastes run from The Allman Brothers to Frank Zappa, and he is also a Shakespeare buff and a devotee of the theater. His professional interests include the doctor-patient relationship, clinical skills, dermatology, cardiology, endocrinology, and teaching the breadth and depth of Family Medicine. He would be just as happy picking a wine to match a meal, though he has the good sense to not do so while at work.