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Rebecca Tickell

Rebecca (Harrell) Tickell dedicates herself to the advancement of women and the environment. She is the co-director and producer of the documentary “The Big Fix,” which features Peter Fonda and was an Official Selection of the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. She has spent the last year documenting the impacts and root cause of the BP oil spill. While investigating the spill she became ill and was left with permanent damage from exposure to the oil and dispersant in the atmosphere. She produced “Fuel.” She co-directs the nonprofit I’ll Be the One Organization and is the author of Hot, Rich & Green, a book about redefining feminism and the role of women in the environmental movement. As a child, she starred in the Orion (now MGM) Christmas Classic movie, “Prancer.” Tickell and her husband Josh Tickell live in Venice, California with, their Veggie Van, The Freedom Bus and the world’s first algae gasoline powered car.