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Trina Brunk

Trina Brunk is a singer/songwriter with a strong focus on personal and planetary renewal. Powerful and inspiring lyrics are delivered through soaring, stirring vocals, lush harmonies and gentle piano soundscapes. "I sing because it is one of my most direct pathways to communicating Love. I find that it validates the journey, and strengthens and supports my awakening and the awakening of our soul family. It gives me such joy to share this gift." ~Trina Brunk "Trina Brunk has the voice of an angel; her lyrics ask us to accept our true power to honor and flow with love. Each song holds within it the potential to further our own awakening; reminding us to be aware and remain in strength." ~Mich Hancock, author of "The Wizard of Oz Code" “Trina Brunk's music is pure Spirit and her songs are an offering of love and service to humanity.” ~Rev. Kristin Powell, Unity Center of Columbia MO Trina's CD's are available at, and