Mandara Cromwell

Mandara Cromwell - President, Cymatic Technologies Inc, Chairman of the Board, ISTA (International Sound Therapy Association), Producer, Cymatics~The Science of Sound and Vibrational Healing Annual International Conference. Mandara met Dr. Peter Guy Manners in 2001. Manners began the exploration of sound as a healing modality in the 1960s. He worked for decades, in collaboration with a group of scientists and medical doctors, to formulate the biosignatures and healing frequencies for each part of the body. Manners named his therapy “cymatic therapy,” known today as “cymatherapy.” Manners passed the baton to Mandara and her organization in 2002. Mandara spearheads the launch of the newest evolution of Cymatic Technologies. Generating specific, audible sound frequencies to stimulate muscles, organs and bones to their natural state of resonance, Cymatic Technologies instruments use an internationally patented delivery system to revitalize the body and re-establish cellular harmony.