Anthony Bove

Lifelong interests in science and ‘how things work,’ led Anthony Bove to create a decade of formulations as a colloidal chemist for Dow Howard Chemical Corporation. His passion for health and wellness peaked in the 1990’s when his mother experienced pain relief using a simple magnetic field. Mr. Bove assembled and spearheaded a team of engineers to design and manufacture the most advanced magnetic technology of today’s world. Today, Anthony Bove is President and Owner of NuMagnetics, Inc., a company holding over 30 International patents on magnetic fields in relation to biological systems. As the laws of chemistry are subject to the laws of physics, Mr Bove has created physics-based devices which affect the chemistry of the body. These devices have been used in clinical trials and published in The American Journal of Pain Management, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Neurology Now with continuing ongoing clinical trials.