Pierfrancesco Manenti

Pierfrancesco Manenti leads the IDC Manufacturing Insights research practice in EMEA and is the global lead for the Operations Technology Strategies advisory service. He provides insights, consulting and advisory support to leading manufacturers and specialty IT vendors into the key challenges and trends affecting manufacturing industries, including Automotive, Machinery, Wearing Apparel/Fashion, CPG, and High-Tech – with particular attention to the EMEA region. Pier specializes in Manufacturing Operations, Supply Chains, and Product Life-Cycle strategies. He regularly contributes to the Operations Technology blog on the IDC Manufacturing Insights Community (http://idc-insights-community.com/manufacturing) and tweets (@PierManenti) about business and IT issues relevant to Manufacturing Operations, Supply Chain, Product Lifecycle, IT strategies. A senior executive with about 20 years of industry experience, Pier is a thought leader with a strong focus on the business value of technology in manufacturing.