Gary Douglas

Born in the Midwest,raised in San Diego, California, Gary Douglas (62) describes his childhood as a typical televisionesque, middle class one & that he's always been on a spiritual path, seeking deeper answers to life's mysteries. "My dad died when I was 17. I learned from his life that working yourself to death for your family doesn't necessarily provide everything they need & that I had to work & work hard for anything I wanted." Gary describes the creation of Access Consciousness as a series of revelations & insights. "What we now call Access Consciousness started coming through in July of 1990 when I was a successful realtor in Santa Barbara, California, I began channeling information that I felt maybe could be a class for massage therapists or bodyworkers. I came home & called four friends to come to a class on energy work. That was the first Access Consciousness class. Since then, the process keeps getting more simple and yet more powerful every time we conduct a workshop." guest's website friendly name: Gary Douglas & Access Consciousness