Tom Kenyon

Tom Kenyon is a researcher, a therapist, a musician, sound healer and teacher. For over twenty years his research group, Acoustic Brain Research, has been a leader in the field of psycho-acoustics and the use of sound and music to access the creative abilities of the brain and mind. The ABR Library has both science and a proven track record behind it and is in use by therapists, clinicians and by laypersons all over the world. Tom publications include: Brain States (New Leaf Publishing), a critically acclaimed guide to unused brain potential, Mind Thieves, a sci-fi quantum suspense novel, The Hathor Material (co-author) and The Magdalen Manuscript (co-author with Judi Sion), all of ORB Communications. Tom and Judi hold seminars and tours in the USA, Europe and Asia. Visit for more information. Website: e-mail: