Suzanne Stone

Life experiences have placed Suzanne in practices of service for several decades which have supported her philosophies, as well as her evolution. Practicing as a Rolfer since 1991, Suzanne has immersed herself in the alternative/holistic realm which has exposed her to many modalities, therapies, products, and devices. Suzanne is committed to the importance of health on all levels–body, mind and spirit. She whole-heartedly believes in the power of the BioMat for providing wholistic support and healing. She is an excellent resource, providing education and support for anyone inviting BioMats into their world for personal use or as a business opportunity.She is committed to contributing to the well-being of others through a variety of channels, with the belief that this is a pivotal time for our planet and that the “...uniting [of] positive like-minded individuals has been proven to actually shift our very fabric of existence and creates a better world”