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Jacqueline Vanacek

Jacqueline Vanacek is an SAP Vice President, Cloud Computing Evangelist and US CLOUD Commissioner. She represented SAP on both the US Federal and State-Local Cloud Commissions to drive adoption of cloud computing to transform government. She is also an active Forbes blogger promoting the business impact of cloud. Jacqueline brings 25 years of business, IT and operations experience in the software and hardware industries, and has a personal interest in how cloud computing enables both startups and M&A for business growth. Jacqueline and the Sand Hill Group recently launched a highly acclaimed study on how cloud computing impacts US job creation. She has been invited to share the study’s findings with US Departments of State and Commerce to explore how cloud computing can accelerate economic growth and influence international relations. SAP-Commissioned Study Estimates Cloud Computing to Create Hundreds of Thousands of Jobs: Twitter: @JacquelnVanacek