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Tina Marie Jones

Tina Marie came from a 20 year marriage confused and feeling powerless yet wearing a face that said, “I am fine. Near her 40th birthday, divorce proceedings tearing up her family, and the life she thought she knew dissolving beneath her feet she faced each new day more numb to the pain. Early one morning, having spent the night wondering how to pull herself together, a voice spoke to her from the mirror. It said, “Hi Sexy”. In disbelief, she looked around to find an empty room. Looking back in the mirror at her bed head hair, no make up face, and t shirt that screamed “I need a romance make over”, she replied sarcastically, “Yeah right!” .... this began her journey to find herself, her identity, her dignity, and her sexiness. From her journey she has produced the Hi Sexy System, and series that empowers women to look at where we have given our power away, where we let it go, and how to get it back. She teaches how to learn how to embody our divine feminine power and get our sexy on!