Andrew Gardella

All my life I have been interested in the weird, wacky, strange and wonderful things of this world. When I was little, I would crush up various stones into powders and then combine them into concoctions that I was convinced were magic chemical creations... part mad scientist part shaman. Luckily I didn’t blow up the house! It was not until I began attending Access Consciousness classes that I realized how differently I see the world and how no matter how hard I tried I was never going to be normal. Each of us percieves the world differently. What if you were not wrong for it? Andrew graduated Magna Cum Laude from Case Western Reserve University with degrees in Biology, Psychology, and Cognitive Science. He is now attending Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida Campus and set to graduate in December. Andrew also facilitates Access Consciousness and is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. Website: