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Whitney Pinion

Whitney Pinion joined the Autism Society of Boulder in 2009. She was elected to the ASBC Executive Board in May 2011. In her life before autism, Whitney edited a radio programming magazine in Washington, D.C., worked for a public relations firm in San Francisco, and wrote a collection of short stories for her Master’s Thesis in creative writing at San Francisco State University. She and her husband Derek moved to Boulder in 2003, where their son was born. After he was diagnosed with developmental disabilities at 16 months, and then with autism at the age of four, Whitney found herself using those writing and marketing skills to fill out bottomless piles of paperwork for her son, to coordinate care for her son and, most importantly, to advocate on his behalf. The mission that her new life has bestowed upon her is a passion for educating others about autism and for creating a safe, compassionate community and a rich life for her own son and for other individuals with autism.