Sylvia  Puentes

Sylvia Puentes

Sylvia Puentes, CPC, CFMW, As an Access Consciousness Facilitator, Certified Empowerment Coach, Speaker, and Educator, Sylvia Puentes contributes to people of all ages by sharing tools and techniques that can transform any area of your life. She brings with her not only her wealth of knowledge but also her spirit for growth and development. Her insightful, kind presence is filled with ease and allowance as she works with individuals and groups to resolve painful challenges and to change them to core strengths. As a conscious entrepreneur and Founder of Access Joyful Living, she is on a journey to share her vision of how the power of heartfelt connectedness and being present impacts success in and out of school, work and home. Her target is to reach as many people as possible NOW and INSPIRE them to live a life with total ease, joy, exuberant expression and abundance of life.