Erina and David  Cowan

Erina and David Cowan

David’s background includes counseling, music and many years in energy medicine as a quantum biofeedback trainer and practitioner. Erina has worked as a P.A. in Integrative Medicine and as a trainer and practitioner of quantum biofeedback. Together they share their knowledge of holistic healing and quantum principles and their experience in energetic modalities including sound and light therapies, and dowsing. They understand that true healing occurs on the level of mind. David has authored ‘Navigating the Collapse of Time’ and the Cowan’s have co-authored ‘Dowsing Beyond Duality’. Both works serve as guides to assisting people in releasing limitations, becoming Self- empowered, and in moving gracefully through these rapidly changing times as we awaken to Love’s Presence on earth. Through Blue Sun Energetics they offer classes, personal sessions and experiences with quantum technologies.