Renee Lowe

Renee Lowe has a degree in Anthropology from Kennesaw State, but began her career as an herbalist more than 7 years ago. Having taken supplements and frequented herb shops from childhood, the turn toward the alternative health field seemed natural. After working closely with a friend and fellow herbalist where she expanded her knowledge-base and received her Iridology training, Renee opened Herbal Intentions in 2005. She then received her Reiki training the following two years and currently teaches the Usui System. A self-professed “geek” in regards to her work, her passion for research and education has led her to incorporate this into the scope of what Herbal Intentions offers to its customers; information and customer service from the heart. Renee is available for herbal questions, free consultations, Iridology and Reiki sessions/classes. She has experience in public speaking and is available for engagements on a variety of topics in the herbal and alternative health fields.