Talmie L.  de Shimadai, LMT, LCT, Iridologist

Talmie L. de Shimadai, LMT, LCT, Iridologist

A certified colon hydrotherapist and licensed massage therapist, Talmie has studied massage, colon hydrotherapy, iridology, detoxification and live food nutrition. She has worked at the Colon Lavage and Reflexology Clinic in Florida and at the world-renown Hippocrates Health Institute.Her greatest passion as a health professional is educating people with health challenges to prevent disease and to energize their lives through living-foods diets rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins, and immune building and detoxification methods. She is the founder of Digestive Health Institute of NYC, a Digestive Health & Spa that is open to all persons with health challenges, who need to energize their lives, or who simply want to enjoy a state of vibrant well-being. A vast resource to empower the quality of one’s life is at your fingertip. Call Digestive Health & Spa today to empower you health. Talmie's philosophy is simple: it's better to fully enjoy life to the last minute and die happy and satisfied at a ripe old age, as the likes of the ancient Biblical patriarchs Noah and Abraham, rather than passively awaiting death in a diseased, inactive state. Good health is a choice. It’s available to everyone who stands up and claims his or hers own through taking preventive action. But only you can make that choice for you!