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Jillian Jones

Jillian Jones is a Certified Specialist of Wine and has worked for Sportsman’s Fine Wines for several years. Her experience in the Food & Beverage industry includes family dining, fine dining and bartending. Her passion for wine was sparked organically with her immersion into the fine dining atmosphere, where wine served with dinner is shrouded in fanfare. However, it wasn’t until she started working at Sportsman’s that she realized how fascinated she was by wine. Surrounded by like-minded people who brought with them decades of experience in the wine and gourmet industries, she has delved into it. She has spent the last several years tasting and studying all the varieties of wines the world has to offer. Lending her knowledge of wine to customers of a wide variety, it is her pleasure to share her passion for wine and all that the wine industry encompasses with everyone she meets. Nothing makes her happier than to be with people who appreciate a good bottle of wine with a good meal.