Debbie  Johnson

Debbie Johnson

Debbie Johnson is a successful stay-at-home mother. She was a corporate manager in the shoe industry, but for the past 12 years she has been serving in full time Christian ministry. Today it is her life’s mission to expose sexual slavery in America. Debbie first heard of human trafficking in 2007. The sale, sexual exploitation and murder of little girls in Mexico broke her heart. After sharing her vision with 100 women at a conference, two women approached her and told of their own encounters with trafficking in the city where Debbie resides, Modesto, California, a city of around 200,000. These two women the confirmation she needed and Debbie founded Without Permission to remind people that biblical principles are foundational to fight self destruction and slavery and to find, recruit and mobilize those who are willing to go to the darkest places in the American landscape to ferret out human trafficking.