Dr. Robert  Rodgers

Dr. Robert Rodgers

Robert Rodgers Ph.D. has a passion for helping persons with Parkinson’s feel better using approaches that are natural and have no side effects. After graduating from Vanderbilt University he served as a Navy officer and county administrator and then earned his Masters Degree from Cornell University. Robert was awarded his Ph.D. from Michigan State University in 1981. He subsequently served as a faculty member at the University of Texas at Austin in the 1980′s and Director of the Ph.D. and MHA programs at the University of Kentucky in the 1990′s. Robert resigned his appointment as a professor to found Parkinsons Recovery, an organization dedicated to identifying options that are helping people reverse symptoms that are associated with a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. Parkinsons Recovery provides information and support in the form of a weekly radio show, blog and Parkinsons Recovery Summits where options are presented that help people with Parkinson's reverse their symptoms.