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Tony Povilitis

Dr. Tony Povilitis: For over 40 years, Dr. Tony Povilitis has advocated for wildlife and nature -- as conservation scientist, nonprofit director and manager, grassroots activist, landowner and reserve manager, and educator. He has lead efforts on behalf of grizzly bears, Mexican and Rocky Mountain wolves, endangered deer in Mexico and South America, jaguar in the US Southwest, Hawaiian coral reefs, and imperiled wildlife and natural communities on Native American and national park lands. Tony has broad experience with agencies such as the U.S. Forest Service and the National Park Service, state wildlife and natural resource agencies, and academia. He has written over a hundred scientific papers, technical reports, popular articles, policy papers, and opinion columns. His career has emphasized biodiversity restoration, conservation planning, and training for aspiring conservation biologists. Tony lives in Arizona with his wife, Dr. Dusti Becker, who together direct Life Net Nature, a corps of volunteers focused on community-based conservation in South America and Kenya.