Nigel  Fenwick

Nigel Fenwick

Nigel Fenwick is Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester. He focuses on the role of CIO as a business leader influencing business strategy and performance. His research focuses on the IT-to-BT transformation, business and technology strategy, social technology strategy, and technology trends and their impact on competitive advantage. Previously, as practice leader for Forrester's IT Leadership Boards, he grew the business more than 300% in four years and built a high-performing team delivering outstanding service to senior IT professionals while tapping into the collective wisdom of the Leadership Boards members. Nigel's early career focused on helping companies reengineer the business process through emerging technology, as a senior consultant for the UK's National Computing Center (NCC). He went on to join Reebok UK as executive director, management information services (CIO; founded an eCommerce research business; and ran a GPS commercial fleet tracking systems business.