Pegi  Burdick

Pegi Burdick

Pegi Burdick began her journey toward untangling her emotions from her money as Vice President of National Sales for a clothing company that was owned and staffed by women. In this environment, Pegi began to understand the unique intricacies of how women interact with each other. Unresolved financial conflicts between the owner and management caused Pegi to leave. She became a mortgage broker and as she learned the business, Pegi discovered many of her clients mismanaged their finances. Many were coming out of abusive relationships with house payments they couldn't afford, feeding children with no support from estranged husbands. The struggles of her clients inspired Pegi to develop Home Loans For Women, a company that helped women keep their homes and repair their finances. Today Pegi's program, The Financial Whisperer, helps women recognize and understand how and why they confuse love and money, why they have difficulty demanding what they deserve, and provides life changing tools.