Mukee  Breezes Love

Mukee Breezes Love

Mukee Breezes Love, is about creating the first Sexual Healing Education center as model for Centers all over the world. Right now there is a perfect property near Byron Bay, ready-to-go. Mukee is seeking an investor who is also inspired by this vision. Imagine our world transformed through enhanced sexual well-being, where sex is brought from the shadows into the light and discourse is opened and reframed to embrace our natural beauty and evolutionary potential. Imagine now a Center established and dedicated to fulfilling this vision of healing humanity from the core essence of human being to inspire, elevate and expand consciousness. The Sexual Healing Center is a unique space where men, women and couples can access educational information and experiences to expand their concept of sexuality and discover how to utilize its power to awaken, evolve and transform. Every Center will be located on expansive property with exquisite landscaping welcoming guests in beauty and ease to allow the outside world to fade and the inside world to open to exploring the divine design of sex. From 1-day and weekend programs, longer intensives to live-in programs, there will be something for everyone who seeks to awaken and energize their life force energy to embody, empower, align and be in harmony with existence. There will also be conferences, community events, including yogic programs, meditation courses, Rites of Passage ceremonies for all ages and other offerings. To ensure the integrity of the mission and vision of the Center, all activities will operate at standards that exceed legal and ethical requirements. To ensure worldwide accessibility to the Sexual Healing Center and its activities, housed within it will be a fully operational Mult-imedia Broadcasting Center that can stream classes and programs online, produce educational materials, publications, documentaries, webinars, and much more. The programmatic offerings and the multi-media products will create a self-sustaining funding stream that will support operating expenses along with ongoing education and outreach efforts. A vibrant community consisting of resident staff, visitors, program attendees and community members will be at the heart of the Center. There will be abundant opportunities for short and long-term participation to engage in the beautification and care of the space as a way of life. One of the main objectives of the Center is to amplify what is possible when one becomes at peace with the Power of Sex. We believe that when people are free from the guilt and shame around the expression of their sexuality, they can then be free to share their unique gift and contribution to the world. You are invited to contribute to the actualization of this vision and join us in the production of peace on earth through sexual healing, as it is through honoring our sexual life force energy that we will free ourselves to be part of the solution for our collective evolution. Transforming lives — discovering what is possible being at peace with the Power of Sex.