Ruben  James

Ruben James

Over thirty years ago Ruben discovered an Amazing Process that reveals how our mental and emotional blocks hold us back from living the life we want. And, how to move through them! This didn't happen through reading books or endless talk therapy... it came from real, hard earned, hands-on experience. For many years Ruben suffered from severe alcoholism, drug addiction and deep depression. Studying under the finest consciousness teachers, he gathered the teachings and techniques that worked for him. A system developed that he later named, "The Quantum Experience!” Using this process Ruben was able to completely turn his life around. Alcohol, drugs and deep depression are now a thing of the past! Using the Quantum Experience he lost over forty pounds, stopped smoking and chipped away at the many other negative habits that had accumulated over those dark years. Five years ago, Ruben began sharing his knowledge with people all over the world and changing many lives with amazing results!