Maurizio  Cattaneo

Maurizio Cattaneo

Maurizio Cattaneo is the Global Lead for Utilities and part of the global Energy and Natural Resources hub in SAP Services. An electronic engineer with experience as a customer before moving into consulting, he has a special interest in utilities since 1999. He has worked for the major consulting companies in ANZ, Middle East and in EMEA, for the past 8 years in SAP consulting services, mainly in delivery roles out of the UK. Maurizio has knowledge of the utilities value chain, has implemented SAP wall-to-wall, and has been involved in large customer service and billing projects. Recently, he became interested in the transformation of the energy sector, looking at the impact of renewables, smart metering and electric vehicles on the energy grid, as well as the dynamics of utilities in energy and water, another key resource that is becoming increasingly scarce and critical around the world.