Glenna  Rice MPT

Glenna Rice MPT

Glenna Rice MPT, Access Facilitator, Body Class Facilitator and mother of 3, asked a question 8 yrs ago that changed her life. A stressed out mother with a new practice, she knew something else was possible and asked, “What would it take to not be frustrated all the time?” She soon found Access and things started to change. She was busier, creating more and the frustration was gone! Her ability to facilitate change in her patients was amazing and she had days that now included joy! Glenna earned her master’s degree in Physical Therapy from USC in 1992, has a different point of view about how the body heals and has always been interested in the body and movement. She has studied dance and myofascial release work extensively and was an instructor at MFR seminars. Glenna teaches Access Seminars worldwide. Her target is to empower people to know that they know, ask questions and create a life that truly works for them! You can hear her speak to parenting As the Questionable Parent.