Dr. Jerry  Tennant

Dr. Jerry Tennant

Dr. Tennant holds patents on surgical instruments, intraocular lenses and other devices and has written books on cataract surgery, life-style management, and Integrative Medicine. Dr. Tennant did the majority of the research for the excimer laser for VISX that is used for LASIK surgery. He did about 1000 cases in the U.S. and about 2000 cases abroad. What wasn't known was that the laser wouldn't kill viruses in the cornea. The laser would strike the eye, releasing viruses coming upward through Dr. Tennant's mask, into his nose, and into his brain. He developed encephalitis and a bleeding disorder, resulting in spastic movements and in his being unable to remember how to write a prescription. Three viruses were found in his brain and he was told nothing could be done to help him. He was forced to retire from ophthalmology on November 30, 1995. Listen in to see how Dr. Tennant went from death’s door to head of the Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine today!