Carolyn  Vanzlow

Carolyn Vanzlow

Carolyn Vanzlow Born August 23, 1949 Carolyn has been involved in healthcare all of her life. Having struggled with her own issues, an eating disorder, severe back pain and debilitation, and eventually heart disease, Carolyn has developed great passion for helping others overcome their challenges. One of her favorite sayings;' "You don't have to be your diagnosis". Carolyn is a Level 4 Chek Practitioner, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor, and currently completing the Egoscue Program. Her specialties are pain control, exercise prescription, weight loss, and wellness. If you are stuck and in a rut, Carolyn Vanzlow can show you how to pull yourself up and out and become healthy, happy and fit. Carolyn Vanzlow www, CHEK Practitioner Level IV Holistic Lifestyle Coach Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor 702.354.8269 CHECK OUT MY ARTICLES