Steven  Hanks

Steven Hanks

Steven Hanks is a Therapeutic Body worker and Massage Therapist located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He has been actively involved in Natural and Alternative Health for almost 20 years. Steven survived a medical trauma where he was misdiagnosed, poisoned, and experienced "Near Death". It was during this time he started his journey, to heal and repair his body with Herbs and other Natural/Alternative Treatments and Therapies. Today, Steven has been recognized as Canada's MASTER Practitioner, and was recently featured in the "Business Excellence" Magazine. In addition to caring for his patients, Steven has been featured on several local and national radio programs, contributes articles in a variety of Health and Wellness Publications and shares his passion with people from around the world. Currently, Steven has completed his first book "The 13th Step, The Missing Link to: Alcohol, Addictions and Recovery