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ALFATHERM is owned by Mr. Davor Krezić. The CEO is Mr. Željko Božić. Alfatherm was nominated for the 2012 Pursuit of Prime Award by its Program Director, Certified Adizes Senior Associate, Mr. Zvezdan Horvat. Mr. Horvat nominated them for the award based on their ability to apply the Adizes® methodology within the organization in order to make positive change. Their first Syndag™ (Phase I) in 2002 was with 30 employees and revenue of 4M. The diagnosis was that they were in what the Adizes methodology call the “Founder’s Trap.” In one year, they went through the complete eleven (11) Phases of the Adizes® Methodology program, including the Reward System (Phase XI) at the end. During the Mission session (Phase IV), they defined the area of operation for not more than 100 km around Mostar, which is in South Bosnia or Herzegovina. Working with Certified Adizes® Associates, they changed and implemented the Structure (Phase V). They regularly use the Blue and Red books (Phase VI: Accountability). Gradually, based on their partnership with Adizes®, the CEO and some other young managers emerged, so the owner could start new ventures to invest in some companies in new markets. They developed some unique technological innovations, especially in automation and monitoring of systems. In the last 6-7 years, they have clearly separated ownership and management. Altogether, they have moved toward Adolescence and Prime. As a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), they established Business Parks together with the Norwegian Embassy in order to help startups present all the industries of the region and to support development of the region. They give many educational scholarships, and in the elementary and secondary schools, they promote technical education, especially in mechatronics, robotics and electronic. They have specifically devoted equipment, rooms and people for this purpose. In one sentence, their core value is to make their region a better place for life.  Because of all these accomplishments and their commitment to CSR, the Professional Council of the Adizes Institute unanimously selected them as the 2012 Pursuit of Prime Award Winner!