Dr. Jane  Horan

Dr. Jane Horan

Dr. Jane Horan, a global thought leader in cross-cultural leadership & building inclusive & engaged global workplaces. Based in Asia, she is an author, speaker, & founder of The Horan Group. How Asian Women Lead: Lessons for Global Corporations explores complexities of life & leadership experiences of Asian women: stories of family support that make or break a career; unconscious cultural assumptions that influence opportunities for some & not others. Assumptions prevent our relating to one another, the human-to-human connection that helps us see the person. Practicing what she teaches, Jane realized her own unconscious assumptions - about leadership itself, a specific cultural viewpoint, the meaning behind a simple word. “Leadership is an experience, not defined by a particular theory or set of skills or cultural assumptions.” Are you ready to lead in today’s global environment? Join Cheryl Esposito & Dr. Jane Horan on this episode of Leading Conversations to begin your journey!