Lynette  Robbins

Lynette Robbins

Lynette Robbins, CEO Knowles Systems, LLC, Founder of “The Knowles Systems and The Knowledge of Uâ” learning systems, Executive’s Consultant for 28 years working with Fortune 100 and 500 companies, Designer of a learning system that educates American’s on “How to get their money to work for them”. Lynette’s vast experience in organizational development, implementing professional learning systems, public speaking, linguistics, designing training programs for professionals in a step by step success process and leading through example has created an incredible presence for those that want to know about “How Money Works”. Lynette’s focus is on empowering people through awareness with strategies and options available in today’s market. The Knowledge of Uâ is making a difference in financial security by educating the clients on options therefore building a plan that is safe and makes sense.