Hirini  Reedy

Hirini Reedy

Hirini Reedy www.facebook.com/aiokoa is a special Maori man from New Zealand. Steeped in the spiritual wisdom teachings of his Maori ancestry, Hirini has walked his own path in the Pakeha (modern) world while still maintaining his cultural values. With a distinguished career in the military and qualified as an engineer, Hirini has strived to balance both the spiritual and scientific, the metaphysical and physical within his current roles. He is mastering the ancient art of shape-shifting within the modern environment. There is more to Hirini than meets the eye, with an easy-going manner he can often generate powerful energy fields quickly using prayer, incantation and movement. He says: we must be conscious of who we are as we interact, walk and engage with daily life. We can forget that we are multi-dimensional beings who can transcend the densities of current life, exceed the limitations of current thought. We have forgotten a lot. We must remember who we truly are. He is the founder of Aio Koa, a maori inner-martial art that uses the natural environment and seasons as teachers of mind, muscle and movement. Hirini is considered a modern sage by many. www.facebook.com/aiokoa