Andrew  Heartman

Andrew Heartman

Andrew Heartman is a surrogate partner intern who is pursuing certification from the International Professional Surrogates Association. Andrew is devoted to healing separation— between different aspects of ourselves; between who we are and who we are meant to be; between the masculine and feminine, both among us and within each of us. He is devoted to full freedom of vision, full freedom of emotional expression, and full freedom of action; truly fulfilling relationships; greater intimacy and greater authenticity in the way we relate to each other; correcting inaccurate beliefs about ourselves and others; to honoring humanity in all its forms and shapes. Andrew is devoted to love. His clients are primarily women aged 30 to 80, who experience limitations in their intimate relationships and/or sexuality that they wish to overcome. He recognizes the extreme sensitivity of the issues his clients deal with, and feel that my most important function as a surrogate partner is to create a safe emotional environment. People have told him all his life that they feel safe around him. He has been pursuing personal growth through relationships since he has been old enough to have them. Andrew says: I feel most alive when exploring interpersonal communication, intimacy, relationships, and personal growth. Although it has not been in any formal way, I realize now that I've been doing this work all my life. Surrogate Partner Therapy has been proven to be very healing for people who have experienced trauma in relationship and for those who have difficulty in attracting, creating, and/or sustaining intimate, healthy bonds with loved ones. It is true that engaging in relationship gives one an opportunity to heal these deep seated issues, but without the proper tools, it is easy to fall back into old patterns of behaviors and to deepen the record groove of distress. In Surrogate Partner Therapy, an extremely safe and nurturing environment is created by establishing a temporary relationship with a highly trained professional in which to learn and implement these tools. In this carefully designed container of loving exploration and acceptance, almost any limitation can be transcended. Surrogate Partners are highly sensitive to the needs and feelings of those people who for one reason or another lack sexual experience. The point of surrogacy certainly is not so that someone may lose his/her virginity; there are much easier and less expensive ways to do that. Instead, the focus is on overcoming the limitations that have prevented this person from having intimate experiences. As levels of comfort and confidence are increased through surrogacy work, these skills can be applied to real life circumstances readily and easily. Sometimes people with disabilities are not privy to the sensual realms of their bodies. In Surrogate Partner Therapy, a safe and accepting environment is created for disabled people to explore and experience the sensuality of their own unique, physical vessel.