Alicia  Smith

Alicia Smith

Singer/Songwriter, Alicia Smith, has an adventurous spirit. She was born on a military base in Grand Forks, North Dakota, and has lived most of her life in the south where her love of country music grew. Alicia moved to Nashville to pursue her passion after the death of a close friend, and today she lives her dream. Alicia's style of music ranges from country-pop to indie-rock. She has written with many great songwriters in Nashville including producer Tommy Collier who worked with Katy Perry when she was under the Christian Label. Alicia's current album, "Welcome To Reality", is available on iTunes. And her journey in the music industry is being written in a book by Dr. Joyce Knudsen, soon to be released in 2013. Alicia gives her talent and time to many charities. She loves donating her talents to anything dealing with children and animals, her latest being a cover project from Backyard Records, "Calling All Angels", where proceeds will be donated to "A Child Is Missing".