Maureen  Francisco

Maureen Francisco

Maureen Francisco When Maureen was only five years old, her family immigrated to the US from the Philippines. At the time, she spoke very little English, which made her the target of teasing at school. When Maureen wanted to pursue further education, she worked three jobs after school and on weekends. It wasn’t easy, but she persevered, and graduated cum laude from Pacific Lutheran University, with a degree in Print/Broadcast Journalism. She was the only graduate in her class offered an on-air position right out of college. Maureen spent the next five years rising in the ranks of the media world as a TV news reporter or weekend anchor at station affiliates around the country, ending up at a station in the top-twelve market of Seattle, WA. Around that time, she became the first contestant on CBS’s Power of Ten with Drew Carey as well as joining the reality show Solitary 3.0 and segued into modeling, acting, and writing. Currently Maureen serves as the co-owner of NW Productions, a media and production company and is busily working on her first screenplay. Maureen lives with her husband in the Pacific Northwest.