Is a corporate consultant and executive coach who will transform your perspective. As a consultant to Fortune 500 companies, Mitchell’s investigation and communication style enables him to quickly get to the heart of an issue, no matter how deeply it is buried. Baldwin has a knack for helping business people see the obvious. He is native of Alabama and graduate of Jacksonville State University, began dabbling in Real Estate by starting with one single-family house, turning his hobby into a portfolio including two apartment complexes and 15 single family residences helping to revitalize depressed neighborhoods, giving his tenants hope and a sense of pride in their communities. In 1989 Baldwin founded the nationally recognized youth organization CHAMP, Inc. (Caring Helps Another Make Progress.), largest non-profit youth group in the state of Alabama, prompting former President George H.W. Bush to honor Baldwin as the nation’s “200th Point of Light” for his work with inner city children in Birmingham.