Dexter  Gauntlett

Dexter Gauntlett

Dexter Gauntlett, Research Analyst Dexter Gauntlett is a research analyst contributing to Pike Research’s Smart Energy practice, with a focus on global renewable energy markets including solar, wind, and hydrokinetic and ocean energy. Gauntlett has extensive experience in the cleantech industry in the United States and internationally in both the private and non-profit sectors, including a background working with development agencies, development banks, and government programs intended to catalyze cleantech projects in urban and off-grid settings. Prior to joining Pike Research, he was a fellow with Green Empowerment, an international non-profit that partners with local NGOs to install renewable energy systems in rural villages in developing countries. Previously, he was a senior research and marketing associate with Clean Edge, a research and publishing firm focused on the cleantech industry. He has also served as director of service learning at Green Empowerment and a senior sales associate at Green Mountain Energy. Gauntlett holds a BA in political science from the University of California Los Angeles.